Sessions & Schedule


July 19, 2024 

9 a.m.-8:15 p.m.


Main Session with Lysa TerKeurst

“Flourishing in Your Writing and Speaking Journey” with Grace Wabuke Klein

This session will give you practical tools to help you flourish in your writing and speaking journey. In this session, Grace will help you:

  • Maximize the waiting season as you trust God for growth, opportunities and open doors. 
  • Create strategies to keep moving forward when you don’t feel seen or heard. 
  • Walk with confidence when you feel discouraged or feel like quitting.
  • Identify and utilize tools that will empower you to go farther and stay the course.
“Words Matter: How Language Has Changed and Why We Should Care” with an expert panel

Join us for a lively conversation about changes in American English in the past decade and why it matters for a Christian communicator to be well informed.

“Building a Biblical Business Ecosystem” with Tamra Andress

This interactive session will educate you spiritually and unlock you mentally to understand how to become an effective messenger in today’s market. Drawing from biblical Truth, we will strategize your unique “businesstry” plan, tapping into your aligned heart’s desires, passions and pain points so that you can effectively design your platform without diminishing your gifts and talents.

Exclusive Q&A with Lysa TerKeurst.

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She Speaks Late Night: An Evening of Networking, Laughter and Letting Our Guard Down with Pastors’ Wives Tell All


July 20, 2024 

9:30 a.m.-8 p.m.

“Writing in the Night” with Dr. Alicia Britt Chole

Offerings aren’t awaiting oases. Whereas fast faith isolates pain, slow faith integrates pain. And it is the integration of pain that brings weight to our words. In this session, Dr. Alicia Britt Chole will share on the duet between pen and pain.

“How To Trust God With Your Dreams and Plans” with Tara Sun

We all have dreams, plans and desires for our lives and ministries. But often, those dreams and plans are met with resistance, disappointment and frustration when they don’t go our way or in our ideal time frame. Is God really good? Can He really be trusted? Where is He taking me? are all questions we’re afraid to ask.

Join Tara Sun for an honest conversation about how we can practically trust God with every piece of our stories — the ups, the downs, the joys and the setbacks. This session will encourage you to see the beauty in surrendering your story to God in exchange for the wonderful plans He has for your life. You’ll walk away with practical tools to repurpose life’s setbacks for God’s glory and move forward in faith as you pursue the dreams He’s placed in your heart.

Community Lunch

“Finding Clarity and Confidence in Your Calling” with Jordan Lee Dooley

Do you believe God has given you a calling but feel a little unsure of exactly what that’s supposed to look like or where to even start? How can you fulfill the calling on your life if the details feel a little … confusing? In this practical workshop, Jordan Dooley, a national bestselling author, top-rated podcast host and entrepreneur, will help you:

  • Overcome the fear of making the wrong decision or pursuing the “wrong thing.”
  • Take action steps in the right direction even before you see the whole plan.
  • Navigate when things don’t go according to plan or you get off track.
  • Discern what God has for YOU and what’s just a distraction.


“Humble Theology: Learning How To Communicate the Beauty of the Scriptures Through the Power of Humility” with Dr. Joel Muddamalle

If we want to make an eternal impact, we need to learn how to communicate eternal truths effectively and efficiently. This task can feel daunting. What if we feel unqualified? What if we make mistakes? And then there is always the danger of being overconfident. In this session, Dr. Joel Muddamalle will unpack the unexpected but necessary gift God has given us for protection, prevention and preservation — the gift of humility. You will learn how humility is central to how we read, understand and communicate the eternal truths of the Bible.

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Session with Jennifer Cisney Ellers, The American Association of Christian Counselors

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A Night of Worship and Closing Session with Rachel G. Scott