Can I still register for She Speaks Online?

Registration for the live She Speaks Online event is closed, but you can still register to view our main session and workshop material after the event has closed. Registration for our view-only experience pass is open and the videos will be available beginning Monday, August 3.

Is this the same She Speaks as the in-person Conference?

She Speaks Online is a fully online event, unlike our in-person She Speaks conference. This online experience features a selection of curated live main sessions and workshops, and our virtual event space will allow you to interact with other attendees and She Speaks Staff during our live event. As an added bonus, you’ll also gain access to an on-demand library featuring even more workshop content to view on your own time.

Will there be an opportunity to connect with a publisher?

Yes. We are working with our publishing guests to accept your book pitch in a variety of ways.

Some publishers will take appointments using video chat, while some will accept book proposals or one-sheets via email. You’ll find more information on our Publisher Connections page.

What if I can’t view the event live?

All main sessions and workshops will be available to view after the live experience until April 2021.

Do I have to purchase all the upgrades or can I select only one or two?

You don’t have to purchase any upgrades to enjoy the Interactive Experience Pass of the conference. However, you are welcome to purchase any upgrade that fit your interests. Review your upgrade options by clicking here!

What is the cancellation policy?

All passes are non-refundable. Interactive Experience Passes are transferable, but can only be transferred through the She Speaks team. If you would like to transfer your pass, please email shespeaks@proverbs31.org

What is the seminar on Thursday?

Lysa TerKeurst, Joel Muddamale and Leah Chadai are leading a LIVE one-day seminar called Establishing a Biblical Framework: Gain new confidence in your writing and speaking by learning how to find, unpack and deliver a solid theological foundation for your message. This seminar is available as an upgrade purchase, and includes three teaching sessions and one Q&A time.

What is the difference between the Behind-the-Scenes and the Community & Connection upgrades?

– With only 100 spots available, the Behind-the-Scenes add-on gives attendees six opportunities during the livestream conference for special Q&As and experiences with conference presenters like Lysa TerKeurst, Nicki Koziarz, Promise Tangeman and others!


– Community Groups are groups created to connect with other attendees before, during and after the conference. Facilitated by Proverbs 31 Ministries staff members, writers and speakers, you can network with like-minded attendees, share ideas, offer encouragement, and enjoy the conference experience together! 

What is the Curated On-Demand Library?

The curated on-demand library provides extra training content in addition to the livestream content. The library will be available to view a week prior to the conference with 11 workshops. All content will remain in the library post-conference until April 2021.

What technology do I need to participate in She Speaks Online?

For our Interactive Experience Pass and upgrades:

A high-speed internet connection and the Zoom Meeting software are required to be installed on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone device. For the best experience, we recommend a device with a functioning camera and microphone.

For our View-Only Experience Pass:

A high-speed internet connection and device for viewing. You do not need Zoom Meeting software for the View only experience. 

What is the schedule of the online event?

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