Promise Tangeman-Wurzell

Promise Tangeman-Wurzell

Promise Tangeman-Wurzell is the CEO and Creative Director of the web design company, GoLive. Promise has a passion and drive for helping entrepreneurs quickly launch their website, so they can start living their dream. With over 10 years of design and strategy experience, Promise and her team have created thousands of brands and websites for clients such as Sadie Robertson, Jennie Allen, Rebekah Lyons, Jordan Lee Dooley, Bianca Olthoff, ABC’s The Bachelor contestants Michelle Money and Tenley Molzahn and many others.

Promise’s business and design expertise has been featured in Forbes, Buzzfeed, Glitter Guide, Martha Stewart and Girlboss. However, she’s more commonly recognized for creating rad “workflow” Spotify playlists, combining current fashions with thrift store treasures, and mastering #hairgoals. Outside the office, you can typically find her catching some rays in her southern California backyard, re-decorating her home, or dreaming up new ideas with her husband, Brian, and Goldendoodle pup, Parker.

Narrow Your Niche: Offer LESS and Reach MORE People

Level: Beginner, Intermediate Are you stretched thin and tired of trying to be “all the things”?!? When your industry feels FLOODED with other people doing the exact same thing as you, it’s time to stand out by narrowing your “niche.” Find your specialty. Your thing. Your tribe. Your place in the industry. In this workshop, […]