Writer/Speaker Productivity Hacks

Don’t you wish every time you needed to write or prepare for a message, you could write in the perfect environment, for the perfect amount of time, with the perfect measure of inspiration?

The reality is that most speakers and writers are making the most of the time available and attempting to do great work in the most productive way possible. None of us have time to spare or waste. While many content creators would love to devote unending time to develop their craft, in a favorite location with absolutely no distractions, the truth is that we simply need to create excellent content within the boundaries of our everyday.

If you need practical help for maximizing your time as a speaker and/or writer, Chrystal Evans Hurst has tangible tools that will help you get the job done.

Over the years, Chrystal has come across quite a few apps, hacks and tools to help her to be a more effective writer and speaker. From storing her favorite material, to consistent content for social media or writing a bestselling book, Chrystal will share apps and hacks that have helped her get content created and messages mapped out. After attending this session, you will be better prepared to effectively and efficiently prepare for your speaking opportunities and to get your writing done!