Bonus Conference Day Session – Unearthing and Unpacking Your Story

Everyone has a story. One of pain, suffering, joy and redemption. A powerful story birthed out of a journey from wounded to healed. But how do we unpack our personal life’s story in such a way that impacts the lives of others for Christ? How do we share enough without sharing too much?

In this session, Tracie Miles will help you learn:

  • Why God calls us all to turn our pain into purpose
  • A simple five-step process for unearthing your own story and important do’s and don’ts for telling it
  • The importance of creating a content map so your story flows well
  • Tips for unpacking your story in a way that resonates with others who may not have had the same experiences as you
  • Helpful insights about how she wrote her bestselling books which reached wide audiences even though her personal experiences were niche