Starting and Funding a Nonprofit Ministry

What cause or issue inspires you to make a change? Do you feel God’s call to start a nonprofit ministry to serve others? What great news and what a high calling! You are passionate, innovative and persevering. The transformation from vision to reality is an important undertaking, accomplished prayerfully and properly. Are financial resources a concern? Most nonprofits are started with little money and a lot of faith.

Danya Jordan and Vonna Laue will deliver some practical steps to start and fuel that ministry that fuels your passion. In this high-energy, passionate workshop you’ll learn:

  • Seven integrity standards for nonprofits.
  • Real-life examples of nonprofit mistakes to avoid.
  • How to establish funding.
  • How to build and steward relationships.
  • How to become an ECFA member and utilize their resources.
  • Basic tips for running a nonprofit.
She Speaks Conference