Ready to Launch

Level:  Beginning, Intermediate

You’ve got the website, the blog, the book, the podcast, the online course, the business, the ministry or the Bible study ready to go. You are ready to launch! But you don’t want to do this alone. You need some people in your corner helping you do this. Word of mouth marketing is still the number one tool of the trade. When people love something, they talk about it. So how do you get people to love what you’re doing? A launch team is one of the most valuable tools an influencer can build.

Join author and speaker Nicki Koziarz in this workshop as she shares with you lessons she’s learned from leading two launch teams of her own and helping many others with their teams. Nicki will share what’s worked with these teams, what didn’t work at all and what are some of the most valuable steps you can take to building a successful team. You can launch and launch well; Nicki will help you do it!

She Speaks Conference