Pursuing Your Ministry Dreams In the Midst of Difficult Seasons of Life

Writing and speaking can be challenging, even when life is going well. However, when life throws us a curve ball ― illness, divorce, loss of a loved one, family problems, financial hardships, parenting challenges ― it can be hard to focus on pursuing our writing goals when our hearts and minds are burdened by circumstances and worries. Whether writing a book, devotion or a message for a speaking event, words may not seem to flow no matter how hard you try, and the blank page feels like an enemy. As a result, the first instinct can be to just stop trying altogether.

But there is actually no better time to write than when life is difficult, because getting our thoughts and words on paper can often be the healing balm our souls need. As we’re walking through our situations and seeing God at work, leaning on Him more than ever before, and living out the messages He is building in our lives, we are even better equipped to write words that will inspire others.

In this session, Tracie Miles will encourage you to keep writing when life is hard by sharing about:

  • How journaling can become your best resource for content
  • How to keep the creativity flowing when your heart and mind are heavy
  • How to transform your thoughts so you can break free from negativity and clear your mind
  • How writing can actually help you cope with heartbreak and be a sanity saver
  • How to find the inspiration you need when words seem slow to come