Prewriting Strategies

Whether we are writing a blog post, devotion or book manuscript, we can’t start typing without a plan. We want to ask some questions and develop an outline so we know which key truths we desire the reader to take away. After we have a simple outline, we will likely need to gather resources that can enhance our understanding of any Scripture passages referenced in our writing. With a brief overview of some helpful tools like Bible lexicons, commentaries and dictionaries, we’ll discover some free resources as well as a few books to add to our wish lists. Notetaking strategies and implementing our research into the flow of our writing will also be covered as we consider prewriting strategies that we can use to more clearly communicate the truths God has laid on our hearts to share with our readers.

In this workshop…

  • You’ll learn how to formulate a basic outline to serve as a guide before you tackle any writing project.
  • You’ll get a handle on the difference between a Bible commentary, lexicon, dictionary, and other helpful tools to enhance your research.
  • You’ll acquire notetaking strategies and tips for narrowing your research to include information relevant to your readers.
  • You’ll develop a strategy for integrating academic information into the voice of your writing without breaking up the flow and causing reader whiplash.