Let The Story Teach

As communicators, we live our best messages in the midst of stories. Crazy things happen to us. Interesting conversations take place around us. We walk through hard situations. And we want to share our life experiences with our audiences in an effective and powerful way.

Stories have the ability to break down the big emotional barrier between the person on a stage or behind the screen and the person hearing or reading the message. But they also offer a way to connect a teaching point to a person more effectively than any tool of verbal communication we could use.

In this interactive workshop, Proverbs 31 speaker and LifeWay author Nicki Koziarz will help you understand what type of storyteller you are, learn how to tell stories that stick not slip, and discover how to allow your audience to put themselves into your story in a way that benefits them.

Nicki will show you a variety of ways to incorporate your stories into your messages, how many you should tell during a message, and help you personally think through what stories you should tell the next time you speak.