Laser-Like: How to Make Your Big Idea Unique, Potent and Powerful

You’ve got a topic you’re interested in, one you think you want to turn into a written or spoken message. But what do you do next? Narrowing the idea for your speech, chapter, article or devotion will make your idea more unique and appealing to your audience. From over two decades of combined experience speaking, writing and editing, Melanie Chitwood and Amy Carroll will help you to:

  • Take steps to go from the chaos of overwhelming ideas to a unique message.
  • Learn to listen to God and others in a way that brings focus to fuzzy concepts.
  • Honor the process that leads to a great idea, whether you’re a more organic thinker (like Melanie) or a more linear thinker (like Amy).
  • Find your most potent idea through practical hands-on exercises that can be replicated over and over when you get home.