From Amateur to Professional: Taking Your Speaking to the Next Level

Level: Beginner, Intermediate

You feel called to be a speaker. You’ve even spoken at several events and love the ministry God is giving you. But you realize there is so much more to consider — before and after you step onto a platform to share your stories with an audience. Especially since event leaders are looking for speakers who are confident, professional and well-organized.

In this workshop, you’ll discover the secrets of taking your speaking ministry to the next level. Are you looking for ways to receive more speaking requests and repeat bookings? Trying to stay organized while working with multiple event leaders? Not sure how much to charge for a keynote message or weekend retreat? Worried about negotiating your fee with an event leader? This workshop is for you! In this highly requested session you will learn:

  • Five ways to capture the attention of event leaders.
  • Practical tips to keep you professionally organized.
  • How to set and increase your speaking fees.
  • Presenting and negotiating your fees with confidence.
  • Key components of a speaking contract and why you need one.
She Speaks Conference