First-time/Second-time Author Secrets for Success

Level: Beginner, Intermediate

If you’re writing either your first or second book, this class is for you! Blythe Daniel, literary agent at The Blythe Daniel Agency and first-time author, and Amy Carroll, Blythe’s client and second-time author of Exhale, look at what authors learn in their first book process that they can improve upon in their second book. Through personal experiences, practical ideas and Q & A, Blythe and Amy will help you to:

  • Meet the challenges and expectations of a first book with greater insight.
  • Learn from the mistakes of other authors and soften the blows of the school of hard knocks as you write again.
  • Pinpoint how to set yourself up for success the second time around no matter whether your experience was good, bad or ugly.
  • Strategize beyond “one and done” thinking to broaden your influence and share your message.
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