Finding Your Unique Speaking Style

Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Have you watched other speakers and wondered if you should copy something about their presentation style because you are unsure of your own? Are you struggling to find the balance between sharing the “real you” and sharing too much? Do you want to speak with confidence but feel insecure, unsteady or maybe even a little fake or phony? Has your desire to be interesting or intriguing made you feel like you are trying too hard or stretching too far?

If you are having difficulty discovering your “voice,” then let’s find it! It’s possible to create a speaking style that combines the authenticity you desire with an engaging and impactful communication that is all you. You can find your voice through awareness and assessment of both yourself and your audience. In this workshop, you will receive practical tips for identifying the uniqueness in your personality that can naturally flow into your unique speaking style. This workshop will give you specific strategies to find synergy in your tone, topics and technique in presentation, while also using your story to complement not compete with your main message. If you desire to speak, currently speak, train or coach others, then this workshop is for you.

She Speaks Conference