Establishing a Biblical Framework Seminar

Establishing a Biblical Framework: Gain new confidence in your writing and speaking by learning how to find, unpack and deliver a solid theological foundation for your message

Lysa TerKeurst, Joel Mudamalle, Leah Chabai

*This seminar is a one-day upgrade available for Interactive Experience Pass purchasers

In this practical and inspirational 3-hour training, you’ll learn from Lysa TerKeurst and her theological research team (Joel Muddamalle and Leah Chabai ) how to study, prepare for, organize, and teach biblically-accurate material for both speaking and writing opportunities. In this rare invitation to learn from Lysa and her team you’ll learn to:

  • Take a teaching or writing idea and deal with it in a biblically-faithful way, ensuring God’s Word drives your teaching and writing.
  • Keep your theological research, writing and ideas captured in an organized way.
  • Walk through the process of theological review that considers both the audience and the accuracy.
  • Balance the Divinity and the humanity in the text.
  • Use theological and biblical tools that will enable you to be more efficient and effective in your Bible study research.