Bonus Conference Day Session – Connecting Your Story With Their Story

One of the best ways our trials in life become redemption stories is by sharing our experiential wisdom with others. A tale-tell sign of healing from the hardest circumstances we’ve walked through is focusing on the wisdom we’ve gained Instead of just recounting how we were wounded. If you’ve ever struggled with how to do this and how to weave in biblical truth with your story, this is a session you don’t want to miss. Lysa Terkeurst has masterfully learned to do this and is excited to help you know how to:

  • Know what details to share and what to leave out of your stories to honor and protect all who are involved.
  • Identify the right Biblical story to use in connection with your own story’s themes and challenges.
  • Help your listeners transfer your life wisdom to circumstances in their life even when your stories don’t have the same circumstances as their own.
  • Write the most engaging introductions and empowering conclusions to your message so your story keeps your audience engaged throughout.