She Speaks Pre-Conference & Conference

Writer Focused

Polish! The Art of Rewriting *

Alicia Bruxvoort

Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Do you want to take your writing from amateur to amazing? It’s been said that 90 percent of great writing is rewriting. Drafting may capture a message, but rewriting can call out a masterpiece. Whether you’re writing a blog post, a Bible lesson or a book, if you want your message to shine, you need to polish before you publish. Come explore the humble art of rewriting and discover why skillful revision is the perfect and necessary companion to soulful creativity. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  •      Make your writing more engaging
  •      Write with precision and poignancy
  •      Trade weak words for strong ones
  •      Eliminate muddle and excavate meaning
  •      Improve the pacing and flow of your writing
  •      Develop a message that readers remember
  •      Know when you are finished
How to Pitch Your Book to a Publisher *

Kim Bangs

Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

It is a desire you’ve prayed over and possibly one of the most exciting and perhaps most intimidating aspects of the conference — those 15-minute meetings you have scheduled with publishing professionals. With the preparation you’ve done — one sheets, proposals, business cards, the perfect outfit including shoes and accessories — a big question remains, “Is there anywhere to get a practice run?” The answer is a happy, “YES!”

In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn some important properties to bring to these meetings: things like peace, passion and preparedness. You’ll also discover what talking about platform should sound like. And yes, there will be practice, practice, practice. With almost 30 years in the publishing industry, Kim has had more than a few of these meetings. Come discover what she has learned that will help you be the best you can be.

How to Write a Compelling Memoir *

Mary DeMuth

Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Not all memoirs are created equal. The best ones grab the reader by the collar and entice them through the entire narrative. In this practical workshop, learn how to craft the kind of memoir that gets read. Mary DeMuth will tackle issues like:

  • What do you do when the people you write about are still alive and will be mad?
  • What to do if you’re scared to write some details.
  • How to deepen your writing for more impact.
Testimony Writing: The Story God Wants You to Tell

Erin Weidemann

Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

A powerful message lives inside your story. It can touch hearts, change minds and create more space for God to work in the lives of others. Sometimes though, we have to get out of our own way so we can tell it! In this workshop, author and speaker Erin Weidemann will show you how to map God’s fingerprints in your own life and share them for real and lasting impact. Topics will include:

  • Creating your Life Road Map
  • Identifying God in your journey
  • Walking your reader over to the landscape and showing them the view
  • Writing to both impact and influence
Become a Better Writer by Becoming a Better Self-Editor

Glynnis Whitwer

Experienced writers know that few first drafts are well written. That’s why editors are so important. Yet, what beginning writer can afford to hire an experienced editor? In this workshop, Glynnis Whitwer will help you learn to be your own editor with tips learned in her 20 years of editing. When Glynnis started editing for Proverbs 31 Ministries she had no editing experience. But she challenged herself to identify why a section of writing was weak, and how to make it stronger. She’ll share her lessons with you and help you become a better editor, as well as a better writer.

Seeking His Purpose for Your Writing

Judy Dunagan

Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Discover how your passion for writing can become an act of worship. We will dive into Hebrews 12 and focus on the importance of pursuing HIS purpose for your writing. We will also look at what it means to surrender the dream to get published, while still pursuing that dream. This interactive workshop will also provide practical tips for teaching deep biblical truths in creative and fresh ways in your writing.

How to Continue Writing When Life is Hard

Tracie Miles

Despite our desire to follow God’s call on our lives to write, it can be hard to get thoughts and words on paper when circumstances are difficult or our hearts are broken. In this session, Tracie will share some successful strategies she used while writing her last two books in the midst of devastating circumstances in her life. You’ll also glean some spiritual tips for how to keep persevering in ministry when life is hard rather than letting problems cripple your creativity or stifle your voice.ity.

Law for Writers 101: The Basics of What Writers and Creators Should Know

Courtney Lee Hall

Level:  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

This workshop will take a look at the legal issues that relate to a career as a writer, speaker or creator. Topics will include:

  •    Intellectual Property: Do I Need a trademark or copyright?
  •    Non-disclosures: protecting your ideas during their incubation stages
  •    Contracts law basics: Considering freelance, publication, work or agency contracts
  •    Tread lightly: the nitty-gritty on defamation
  •    Getting permissions
  •    Choosing a business entity: sole proprietor? LLC? Partnership? Which entity is right for you?
10 Tasks from Idea to Book

Mary DeMuth

Level:  Beginner, Intermediate

Thinking of crafting a nonfiction book? Don’t know where in the world to begin? Multi-published author Mary DeMuth will teach you a system that will empower you to write your first draft in 5-10 weeks (depending on your writing speed). You will learn:

  • How to narrow down your book topic
  • How to find your audience and write specifically to them
  • How to structure and manage your time for maximum effectiveness and efficiency
  • How to gather research
  • The satisfaction of finally writing THE END.
Beginning Writing Techniques

Glynnis Whitwer

Level:  Beginning, Intermediate

How can you take random thoughts and transform them into a powerful written message? What makes a piece of writing move from average to good?  In this workshop, Glynnis teaches you foundational writing techniques you can use to bring order and impact to your writing. Whether you’re a beginning author or someone who needs a refresher class on strong writing, this class will offer something for you.  After attending this class, you’ll:

  •      Write strong leads that hook a reader’s attention.
  •      Reduce mistakes that brand you as a novice.
  •      Strengthen the weak areas in your writing with simple changes.
  •      Increase your impact by writing with greater focus and clarity.
Authors and Agents: A Strategic Alliance

Tawny Johnson

Level:  Beginner, Intermediate

Tawny Johnson has worked in Christian publishing from for over 30 years. This workshop will explore what the role of an agent is, how to find and recognize a reputable agent, what the qualities of a good fit are — from both the author and agent’s point of view — and how to defy the delete button when you finally make contact.

Writing Content that Unleashes the Power of Conversation **

Lysa TerKeurst

It’s not whole books that change people’s lives. It’s usually sentences within books that have a profound and wonderfully lingering effect on people. So, when every word matters so intensely, we must write every syllable with great intentionality. In this highly interactive workshop Lysa will uncomplicate the difficult process of writing and dare you to discover the writer within you’ve dreamed of being. These five steps will frustrate you unless you give yourself permission to rethink, rework and rediscover the delight of putting pen to paper.


Speaker Focused

Eight Skills of Great Speakers *

Micca Campbell

Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

One of the biggest mistakes of life is to assume that talent alone will get you to your desired destination. While talent is significant, it has to be cultivated. A great speaker works to nurture and perfect her gift by implementing eight specific skills. When applied, these skills will transform a talented speaker into a powerful, influential speaker — who is not easily forgotten.

Marketing Yourself as a Speaker *

Tracie Miles

Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Are you ready to step out in faith and follow God’s call on your heart to speak, but have no idea how to get started? This workshop can help answer many questions you may be struggling with right now. Questions like:

  •      What tools do I need to be viewed as a professional speaker?
  •      Do I need an online presence; how do I create one and what does it cost?
  •      Do I need a bio sheet and other marketing materials?
  •      How do I let people know I’m available to speak and get my message out there?
  •      Is it okay with God to promote or market my speaking ministry?
  •      What are some marketing strategies to open doors for speaking opportunities?  

God wants us to invest in the talents He has given us and pursue the calling on our heart. This often requires stepping out of our comfort zones to market our ministries, which opens the door to share the gospel. In this session, Tracie will not only inspire you to pursue your calling but also provide solid information and tips for marketing your ministry and building your platform.

Learning From the Best Speakers

Nicki Koziarz

Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

It’s so easy to look at the best of the best and feel like we don’t measure up compared to them. Comparison has the potential to compromise the unique plan God has for us as communicators.

But what if instead of staring at the success of others, we allowed it to steer us in the right direction? Join author and speaker Nicki Koziarz as she takes a look at a few of the best communicators in our culture today and shares 10 key factors which help them:

  • Engage well with audiences
  • Bring value to everyone in the room
  • Create an atmosphere where the Holy Spirit can move in hearts
  • Leave their audience with a call to action
Delivery That Delivers

Whitney Capps

Level:  Beginner, Intermediate

Pursuing excellence as a speaker requires time and attention in a multitude of areas. Appropriately, most speakers give great attention to the quality and veracity of their messages. However, the delivery of those messages can often affect their impact and longevity. How do we use our natural style and giftedness in conjunction with tactical elements of good public speaking to allow God to use us most effectively? In this session Whitney will:

  • Equip speakers to leverage their natural style to its full potential
  • Identify and explain practical skills of effective public speaking to enhance delivery

There’s something to learn from those ahead of us. And it doesn’t have to make us feel like we’re falling behind. Learn to allow the success of others encourage not discourage you.

Brass Tacks: Message Development Essentials

Amy Carroll

Level:  Beginning, Intermediate

Developing a strong message is the beginning of building a growing speaking ministry.  Amy shares the essential basics of a strong message along with tips she’s learned along the way from other speakers with decades of experience.  She’ll guide you to write like a speaking pro as she leads you to:

  • Embrace Scripture as the springboard for a fresh, personal message.
  • Identify the core idea in your message to give it laser-like focus.
  • Compel your audience to passionate response to the truths you’re sharing.
  • Create the opportunity for life-transformation in your audience.
Finding Your Unique Speaking Style

Chrystal Evans Hurst

Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Have you watched other speakers and wondered if you should copy something about their presentation style because you are unsure of your own? Are you struggling to find the balance between sharing the “real you” and sharing too much? Do you want to speak with confidence but feel insecure, unsteady or maybe even a little fake or phony? Has your desire to be interesting or intriguing made you feel like you are trying too hard or stretching too far?

If you are having difficulty discovering your “voice,” then let’s find it! It’s possible to create a speaking style that combines the authenticity you desire with an engaging and impactful communication that is all you. You can find your voice through awareness and assessment of both yourself and your audience. In this workshop you will receive practical tips for identifying the uniqueness in your personality that can naturally flow into your unique speaking style. This workshop will give you specific strategies to find synergy in your tone, topics and technique in presentation, while also using your story to complement not compete with your main message. If you desire to speak, currently speak, train or coach others, then this workshop is for you.

From Amateur to Professional: Taking Your Speaking to the Next Level

Karen Christian

Level: Beginner, Intermediate

You feel called to be a speaker. You’ve even spoken at several events and love the ministry God is giving you. But you realize there is so much more to consider — before and after you step onto a platform to share your stories with an audience. Especially since event leaders are looking for speakers who are confident, professional and well-organized.

In this workshop you’ll discover the secrets of taking your speaking ministry to the next level. Are you looking for ways to receive more speaking requests and repeat bookings?  Trying to stay organized while working with multiple event leaders? Not sure how much to charge for a keynote message or weekend retreat? Worried about negotiating your fee with an event leader? This workshop is for you! In this highly requested session you will learn:

  • Five ways to capture the attention of event leaders
  • Practical tips to keep you professionally organized
  • How to set and increase your speaking fees
  • Presenting and negotiating your fees with confidence
  • Key components of a speaking contract and why you need one
Living a Life of Influence On and Off the Stage

Sharon Glasgow

Level:  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

It’s easy to become focused on a speaking ministry as what we do on the stage. But to have sustainability as a speaker, we must live our message, not just give it. Sharon Glasgow has been speaking for two decades and consistently gets invited back. In this workshop, Sharon will share how to become a speaker with influence and grow your platform to increasingly share the message that God has given you. In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • Seven things that great Christian leaders have lived that earned their influence.
  • How to leverage influence into more speaking and ministry opportunities.
  • How to make yourself more valuable to event planners and women’s ministry leaders.
  • How to (and not to) use your social media accounts to offer an authentic peek into your life in a way that connects with your audience and leads to more bookings.
Backstage Pass to a Seasoned Speaker **

Expert Panel:  Karen Ehman, Sharon Glasgow, Amy Carroll, Whitney Capps

Level:  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Have you ever longed to sit down with a seasoned speaker just to pick her brain, asking many questions that are on your mind about the mission — and even the mess — of being a speaker? This special panel session is designed for you to do just that, not with just one, but with four speakers! Our featured Proverbs 31 team members, with a combined 75 years of speaking experience, will be presenting a few “What I wish I would have known” tips and then answering your questions — sent in via email before the conference — and also a few asked in person if there is time. If you feel you could use some advice and encouragement from a mentor in the ministry of speaking, join us for this helpful session.



Platforms in the Bible and What We Can Learn From Them *

Katy McCown

Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Does building your platform feel overwhelming or frustrating? Do you know you need a platform but want to be sure it honors God? In ministry, a platform plays a large role in transferring your message to the audience who needs it. But sometimes, platform-building brings tension instead attention to ministry. In the Old Testament we encounter two physical platforms: one used by King Solomon at the dedication of the temple and another by Ezra after the wall around Jerusalem had been rebuilt. In this workshop we will use these two platforms to help us:

  • Know when to start building your platform
  • Discern why you need a platform
  • Consider how to build your platform
  • <Decide what to do with your platform once it’s built
Study Strategies for Teaching Scripture – Sessions 1-3 *

Wendy Blight, Whitney Capps, Leah DiPascal, Wendy Pope, Krista Williams,

*** Note: This is a three-part session. If you opt for this workshop, you will be assigned part 2 and 3.

Writing a talk or working on a manuscript is truly hard work. But it’s made even more difficult if we haven’t spent time gaining wisdom from God’s Word. In this 3-part workshop, you’ll learn simple, but thorough, strategies for studying a passage to identify the context, to understand the main truths being taught and to summarize those truths for effective communication and life application. Whether with your family, with your friends or with an audience from the stage or from the page, being able to rightly study and share truth from God’s Word is the call for every believer.

This hands-on workshop will help you break down Scripture into useful and teachable components. You’ll learn how to break a passage into divisions, write a subject sentence that summarizes the text, clarify the aim of your message and write thoughtful, probing discussion questions. Using this comprehensive process to study Scripture will equip you to share what you’ve learned, confident that you’ve kept it in sound, biblical context.

Participants must bring an electronic device for research using the Internet.

Finding Something to Talk About *

Karen Ehman

Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Do you long to speak, write or blog but fear you will run out of things to say? How can you continually come up with fresh material for messages, books, blog posts, devotions or articles that will resonate with today’s women? In this practical workshop, Karen, a 13-time author, blogger and national speaker for two decades will empower you to:

  • Unearth ready-made and relevant material from your seemingly ordinary life.
  • Learn to process situations and interactions with an eye toward turning them into life lessons to share.
  • Use Scripture as a springboard to construct helpful written and spoken messages that resonate with today’s women.
  • Craft a system for recording and retrieving stories, situations, sayings and Scripture to utilize as you write.
  • Assemble an arsenal of pertinent material that will help keep you writing and speaking for years to come.
How to Create an Online Course *

Nicki Koziarz

Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

You’ve seen them everywhere. And it seems like everyone is offering them. Online courses are gaining momentum like never before. But, what about you? Can you really create something of value for others that could help you earn an income too? Yes! In this workshop with Nicki Koziarz, creator of the My One Thing online course, you will:

  • Learn the basics of creating an online course.
  • Discover how you can take content you’ve already created and further maximize it in an online setting.
  • Understand the technology needs for an online course and get the resources available for the techy challenged.
  • Gain the confidence to execute your online course with excellence.
Say it Out Loud: Tackling Challenging Stories and Subjects *

Courtney Lee Hall

Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, everyone knows that people in America seem to be more opinionated than ever. Living in the age of the social media rant and the risk of “going viral” for the wrong reasons makes thoughtful, measured approaches to engaging with socially-challenging subject matter a crucial need. People are in desperate need for you to share your opinions truthfully, thoughtfully and fruitfully.

This workshop will consider:

  • What makes a topic a hot-button issue?
  • Discerning whether you should speak on the topic
  • The importance of transparency and vulnerability
  • Considering different viewpoints before, during and after your publication
  • Drawing ethical boundaries of engagement about your work
  • How to take care of yourself before, during and after writing on a challenging personal subject
How to Handle Tough Critics

Lysa TerKeurst

Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Does criticism threaten to make you want to resign from ministry? Or do you find thoughts of retaliation turning you into a person you don’t recognize?

If you are in ministry, you will face opposition.  Someone won’t like something you’ve written, spoken or how you organized the last women’s breakfast.  With years of experiences dealing with tough critics, Lysa TerKeurst will empower you to:

  • Increase your confidence in being a ministry leader as you learn to establish a biblical plan of action to deal with tough critics.
  • Understand how to manage the pain of the criticism so you can stay authentically engaged and joyous in the ministry tasks at hand.
  • Navigate with humility and grace the part of the criticism that might be something you need to improve upon without letting it tear you down.
Podcasting 101: Can You Hear Me Now?

Barb Roose

Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Do you long to infuse your writing or blogging with sound effects like laughter, a two-person dialogue or a little unscripted chaos? Podcasting is a beautifully intimate and refreshingly imperfect tool to offer hope, help and practical next steps to your audience. Best of all, you can create a podcast on your own without expensive equipment or intimidating software.  In this workshop, Barb shares both the heart and how-tos of podcasting. By the end of this session, you will:

  • Learn what equipment you need and don’t need to begin podcasting.
  • Plan a basic show outline, scripts and engaging questions to ask your guests.
  • Produce your podcast online like a boss with editing and post-production best practices.
  • Identify if your podcast will complement or conflict what God has called you to do.
How to Market Your Message Without Losing Your Soul

Meredith Brock

Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Using the word “marketing” in a ministry setting can sometimes feel like a dirty word at worst and a necessary evil at best. But, what if we could see marketing as the creative means to reach more people with the unique, God-given messages the world so desperately needs? Meredith Brock is Lysa TerKeurst’s publishing manager as well as the Executive Director of Strategy and Business Development at Proverbs 31. She has helped present the life-changing messages God has given Lysa and the content creators at P31 to reach people all across the world in a God-honoring way. In this workshop Meredith will help inspire you to see marketing as a mission and equip you with tools to share your message in a God-honoring way.

Called, Confident and On-Mission to Clarify My Why

Lisa Allen

Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Imagine someone shooting a bow and arrow blindfolded.  How likely are they to hit their target? Yet, often, we approach our lives without taking aim and focus with our decisions that guard the things that matter the most and make room for the ministry God has called you to.  This workshop is designed to help you roll up your sleeves to create a succinct statement that will serve as a filter for decisions, activities and scheduling.

In this session you will:

  • Prioritize your time with God
  • Identify the 3 parts of a Life Mission Statement
  • Learn to make no-regret decisions designed to protect your ministry calling
  • Shift from vague awareness of your calling to a clear statement of purpose
Why an Email Database Should be Your #1 Priority

Mary DeMuth

Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Of all the methods authors can use to sell their books, the best strategy has proven over time to be an email distribution list. Yes, even more than a cool Instagram account! In this hands-on session you’ll learn:

  • Why an email database is a must
  • How to organically grow an email database
  • How to woo and wow your followers so they become rabid fans
  • Best practices in creating ezines and asks.
Networking and Becoming a Thought Leader

In this extended session, all participants will gather first in the ballroom for a special panel discussion on how writers, speakers and leaders are thought-leaders. In today’s divisive culture, we’ll discuss how to reflect Christ as we step into the important discussions of our day.

Then, participants will divide into three groups to connect one-on-one with other She Speaks participants who share your calling and passion. Each group will have a different format and will be led by Proverbs 31 staff. No preparation is needed.  Although, you might want to bring business cards to share with those you meet.

Select one group you identify with or want to connect with in these areas:

Led by Karen Ehman, Lynn Cowell, Micca Campbell

Led by Glynnis Whitwer, Suzie Eller, Sharon Jaynes, Alicia Bruxvoort

Led by Lisa Allen, Chrystal Evans Hurst, Joel Muddamalle, Abby Harmon

Catchy Titles, Sticky Statements and Content That Packs a Punch

Karen Ehman

Level:  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

As a writer, speaker or woman in ministry, you use your words to communicate. Whether written, spoken or posted online, when generating so much content, sometimes our writing can become passé and predictable. We develop vocal crutches, overuse clichés and even become lazy. As a result, we might be hitting our word count but our words aren’t really hitting the mark. In this session, Karen Ehman, a New York Times’ best-selling author, will provide you with tips and tools for creating content that stands out, making your material memorable.

Finding Your Niche

Lynn Cowell

Level:  Beginning, Intermediate

Have you felt the call of God to speak or write to women but are a bit iffy on the specifics? Need to hone in on what makes you uniquely “you”? Listen and learn as you are equipped to:

  • Find your areas of expertise by taking inventory of your strengths, weaknesses, loves and loathes
  • Blend your life experiences, talents and spiritual gifts together to obtain your ministry niche
  • Unearth your hidden passions and turn them into powerful messages
  • Discover your unique place in God’s plan that will change lives — yours and those of your listeners
Ready to Launch

Nicki Koziarz

Level:  Beginning, Intermediate

You’ve got the website, the blog, the book, the podcast, the online course, the business, the ministry or the Bible study ready to go. You are ready to launch! But you don’t want to do this alone. You need some people in your corner helping you do this. Word of mouth marketing is still the number one tool of the trade. When people love something, they talk about it. So how do you get people to love what you’re doing? A launch team is one of the most valuable tools an influencer can build.

Join author and speaker Nicki Koziarz in this workshop as she shares with you lessons she’s learned from leading two launch teams of her own and helping many others with their teams. Nicki will share what’s worked with these teams, what didn’t work at all and what are some of the most valuable steps you can take to building a successful team. You can launch and launch well; Nicki will help you do it!

Bible Study Basics

Joel Muddamalle

Level:  Beginner, Intermediate

Sometimes the thought of Bible study can be daunting. Where do I start? What happens if I don’t know the meaning of words? What if I don’t know Hebrew or Greek? Don’t allow these doubts to stop or stall you in your pursuit of God through His Word. The Bible Study Basics workshop will enable you to be confident in your study of Scripture. This workshop is perfect for the beginner, scholar and everyone in between.

Learn how to:

  • See the larger story of Scripture (the metanarrative) and how it applies to your Bible reading, teaching and writing
  • Do a basic Bible word study
  • Identify themes
  • Read the Bible with the utilization of four crucial steps/strategies
Creating a Message That is Powerful, Memorable and Life Changing

Sharon Jaynes

Level:  Beginner, Intermediate

You’ve got a message. You’ve got a story. But how do you bring it all together in a way that is powerful, memorable and life changing? How do you strike the balance between story and Scripture? How do you weave principle and personal application into a seamless tapestry that flows? How do you craft a message so that the listener or reader remembers the principles two days later?

Whether you are writing a book or preparing a speaking session, these four elements will show you how to craft a powerful message by

  • Capturing the audience’s heart through story
  • Engaging the audience’s mind through Scripture
  • Impacting the audience’s life with a memorable truth
  • Challenging the audience’s action through application
Expanding Your Professional Network

Erin Weidemann

You’ve heard it before. Whether you want to write a blog, launch a podcast or start a company, it’s all about who you know. Like most industries, publishing is one built upon relationships. So what do you do when you’re just starting out, don’t know anyone and aren’t really sure where to start? Join Erin Weidemann as she shares how she took her “fun little side project” to an international business with one of the most important skills you need to be successful: networking. In this workshop, learn how to:

  • Creatively expand your professional network
  • Set yourself apart from those who are always asking for favors
  • Give to get: Demonstrate value by serving or bringing something to the table
  • Get people excited about what you’re up to
Building Your Personal Brand

Meredith Brock

Level:  Beginner, Intermediate

Whether you are called to speak, write or lead and, whether you know it or not, you have a personal brand. This personal brand, when intentionally developed and harnessed, can maximize your reach and impact dramatically. When neglected, it can dilute the effect you intended to have on your audience. Meredith Brock is Lysa TerKeurst’s publishing manager as well as the Executive Director of Strategy and Business Development at Proverbs 31. She has helped develop and hone the brands of Lysa and Proverbs 31 Ministries. In this workshop you will learn the essential components involved in identifying and developing your brand as well as the practical tools you’ll need to build and advance your unique, God-given brand.

Keys to Living a Bold and Courageous Faith

Wendy Blight

Level:  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

God created you with a purpose and a calling to live in such a time as this. Now is the time to step up, and stand in, the authority you've been given. In Wendy's session, she will equip you to:

  • Understand your identity and inheritance as child of God.
  • Pray boldly for God to open your eyes to, and participate with Him in, the spiritual realm.
  • Live courageously so that where others see obstacles, you see God.
  • Follow God wholeheartedly as you live out your calling wherever He leads.
Community 101: Why We Need It, and How to Build It

Suzie Eller

Level:  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Several years ago, Suzie Eller felt overwhelmed and alone in her writing and speaking ministry. She worked hard. She met deadlines. She did all the things she was told she should do, but there was something missing. She couldn't help but notice that Jesus changed the world with 12 good friends. In this workshop, Suzie shares her story of building a private community of over 250 women, as well as a thriving community on her blog which reaches 30,000 women a month. This community has been strong for over five years and meet each year at a ministry retreat. Suzie will help you:

  • Determine your motivation for community
  • How to begin (and the mistakes to avoid)
  • How to share your why with your community (and draw others with the same why)
  • The balance of give and take within a community
  • Ways your community can help spread your message, but also theirs.
Keeping Your J-O-B While Launching Your New Ministry

Barb Roose

Level:  Beginner, Intermediate

What do you do when God has given you a dream, but you can’t quit your day job?  Friend, if that’s you, be encouraged because your faithfulness today keeps you moving toward God’s best for you tomorrow! For several years, Barb balanced full-time employment with a God-given dream that filled her heart.  During this workshop, Barb shares important lessons that she learned about faith, finances, flexibility and fear.

In this session, you will learn several tools that will encourage, support and equip you, such as:

  • Exploring the anatomy of the “messy middle” and how to embrace it
  • Applying the Life-Cycle Evaluator Exercise to create margin and sanity
  • Brainstorming your “Board of Directors” and why you need them
  • Drilling down to the essential “hills to die on”
  • Five-question countdown to quitting your job
Decompression Session **

Glynnis Whitwer

At the end of She Speaks, we often hear participants say something like this: I feel like I just drank from a firehose! We understand! We know we jam-pack this conference. During this session, you’ll have a chance to process what you’ve learned with other participants, and create an action plan for what you’ll do after She Speaks.

How to Juggle Motherhood and Ministry without Losing your Joy **

Katy McCown and Alicia Bruxvoort

Is it really possible to grow a ministry while caring for a growing family? With 11 kids between them, P31 writers Alicia Bruxvoort and Katy McCown understand the unique challenges that come with juggling ministry and motherhood. Join them for an honest conversation about how to chase your dreams while chasing the kids, too. With wit, wisdom and plenty of personal stories, they’ll debunk the myth that motherhood and ministry don’t mix, and they’ll share some time-tested strategies for ditching guilt, taking hold of joy, and walking in obedience to God’s call while still giving your family your all.

Learn to Navigate Logos Bible Software for More Effective Teaching and Study **

Logos Representative

Technology allows us to study the Bible with incredible depth and accuracy. This interactive workshop will demonstrate the use of all-new Logo Bible Software – Logos 7 – for effective teaching, counseling, and personal Bible study. What normally takes five to 10 hours of flipping through paper books for theological answers and Bible study can be done in seconds – and the depth of study is unparalleled! Logos 7 gives you access to your entire biblical library wherever you are because it is compatible with Mac®, PC, iPhone®, and Android.

How to Cultivate Your Brand and Create Meaningful Graphics **

Alison Fargason

Have you ever seen beautiful graphics on social media and wished you knew how to create them yourself? In this session, Alison will teach how to build your visual brand and design meaningful graphics to engage your audience … just like the ones you see on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest!

Alison will teach you:

  • How to discover the visual brand you want to create for your ministry or organization
  • The basic elements of graphic design
  • How to use photography and where to find the best royalty-free photos
  • The dos and don’ts of typography
  • The best apps and tools to use!


* Sessions with a single asterisk are part of Thursday’s pre-conference program.

** Session with double asterisks will not be audio recorded for sale.