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When Lysa TerKeurst started on the path of book writing, speaking and marketing, she often wished she had someone with experience to share the dos and don’ts on that elusive path of ministry. After having to figure things out the hard way, Lysa promised God she would lend a hand to the aspiring writers, speakers and women in ministry walking this same journey.

That’s exactly what happened in the summer of 2001, when Lysa and a small band of women at Proverbs 31 Ministries started She Speaks to fulfill that promise.

Twenty books later including four on the New York Times best-seller list, this promise has stayed fresh, as Lysa continues to encounter everyday women seeking to say “yes” to God with every part of their lives.

She Speaks has grown in the years since then, but our commitment to help women live out the truth of Proverbs 31:26 stands firm.


God continues to call Proverbs 31 Ministries to encourage and equip women as they communicate God’s Word through writing, sharing their testimonies, leading Bible studies, connecting online and speaking to small groups or at a podium. We are a community of leaders, speakers and writers working on imperfect progress, and we’d love for you to join us as we walk forward in our calling.

Publisher Appointments

At She Speaks, we bring in agents and acquisition editors from major publishing companies to teach breakout sessions and to meet with attendees one-on-one. These individual appointments are limited and require some additional preparation. The purpose of meeting with a publisher is to pitch a book idea. We ask that you please be fully prepared for these meetings.

Commonly asked questions:

Which publishers are attending She Speaks?

She Speaks draws acquisition editors from the top Christian publishers and agents around. The list of confirmed publishers is below. We will add more as the conference approaches.

Can anyone meet with a publisher?

Yes, every conference attendee is able to set up an appointment until all the slots are filled on a first-come basis.

When do I get to pick my publisher meeting choices?

When all the available slots are filled, we will close the appointments. Shortly thereafter (usually in late May), we’ll send out an email with a complete list of publishing guests and the types of books they are accepting. That email will include instructions on how to make your choices.

How many appointments can I have?

If you get one of the available spots, we guarantee one appointment, but most people will have two. Some might even get three depending on the availability of each guest. We do our best to honor your choices.

Do I need a book proposal?

Yes, you should be prepared with a complete printed book proposal. Some publishers might ask you to e-mail a copy after the conference, but some prefer to have one in hand. It’s good to be prepared in case they ask.

Will they also want a one-sheet?

A one-sheet is a single page fact sheet for your book idea. It’s only one page, as the name implies, and includes compelling highlights about your book. Some publishers do prefer a one-sheet, so we recommend you bring them.

How do I create a book proposal?

If this is your first time preparing a book proposal, we suggest you research what is included in a fiction and non-fiction proposal. We’ll also offer a conference call series (additional charge) before the conference to help you prepare.

Do I need to create an individualized book proposal for each publisher appointment?

No. We recommend creating one standard proposal to hand out at your appointments, and bring extra copies in case you have an opportunity to meet with other publishing guests.

Will I miss a meal or main session for my appointment?

No. We schedule all our publisher appointments during workshop times. This means you will miss a portion of a workshop. We try to record all workshops, and make the recordings affordable. We hope the benefit of the publisher appointment is worth the small cost of the recording.


If you are a first-time attendee, we recommend signing up for our pre-conference training series led by Glynnis Whitwer and Karen Ehman. We offer thorough training on how to prepare for the conference, get ready for a publisher appointment and write a book proposal. Both Glynnis and Karen will stay on the calls to answer your questions (although we can’t provide specific advice on your book idea).

If you can’t make the live call, we will send you a recording including the extensive Q&A. You can read more and purchase access to the calls through our bookstore by clicking here.


Kathleen Kerr
Harvest House

Lettie Morrow
Leafwood Publishers

Bill Jensen
Bill Jensen Agency

Tawny Johnson
D.C. Jacobson & Associates

Amy Lowe
LifeWay Publishers

Rebekah Guzman
Baker Books

TLC Graphics (Self-Publisher)

Heather Nunn
B&H Publishers

Sally Sharpe
Abingdon Press

Dawn Woods
Abingdon Press

Kim Bangs
Bethany House Publishers

Jessica Wong
Thomas Nelson

Keren Baltzer

Christine Whitaker
Whitaker House

Andrea Doering

Jennifer Leep

Kara Leonino

Blythe Daniel
Blythe Daniel Agency

Dawn Anderson

Karen Yates
Yates & Yates Agency


“I have never met anyone who understands book marketing like Lysa TerKeurst. Not only does she intuitively understand what it takes to generate buzz about a book, but she has deconstructed the process for the rest of us. She helps authors write their books in such a way that the buzz is baked in. I recently spent a day with her as I was preparing to write my next book. I learned more in those few hours than I learned in decades as a book marketer. Just wow!”

-Michael Hyatt
New York Times Bestselling Author
Former CEO, Thomas Nelson Publishers
2013 She Speaks Keynote Speaker

“There’s something practical with the way Lysa has helped me to see the process of writing that has really unlocked my ability to write better books and impact more people.”

– Pastor Steven Furtick
New York Times Bestselling Author
Lead Pastor of Elevation Church

“Proverbs 31 Ministries enabled me to make my dreams of becoming a writer for God a reality. While I believe He is guiding my steps, Proverbs 31 was the flashlight I needed to help me find the right path! The Proverbs 31 staff is authentic and ‘walks the talk’ of the Christian journey with humility and grace. They are comprised of women I admire and respect greatly and I so appreciate their willingness to help those of us just beginning to answer the call to speak and write.”

– Natalie Snapp
Writer, Blogger, Speaker