FRIDAY JULY 22, 2016


Session Key: W = Writing, S = Speaking, S/W = Speaking and Writing, L = Leadership

Time session Facilitator
7:00 – 9:00 am Conference Registration
9:30 – 11:00 am General Session
11:20 – 12:20 pm W
Beginning Writing Techniques

Level: Beginning and Intermediate

How can you take random thoughts and transform them into a powerful written message? What makes a piece of writing move from average to good? In this workshop, Glynnis teaches you foundational writing techniques you can use to bring order and impact to your writing. Whether you’re a beginning author or someone who needs a refresher class on strong writing, this class will offer something for you. After attending this class, you’ll:

  • Write strong leads that hook a reader’s attention.
  • Reduce mistakes that brand you as a novice
  • Strengthen the weak areas in your writing with simple changes.
  • Increase your impact by writing with greater focus and clarity.
Glynnis Whitwer
Marketing Do-Over: Secrets I Wish I Had Known, Before My First Book Launched

Level: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced

Are you about to write or launch your first book? Do you have a marketing plan? Courtney DeFeo has a marketing degree and still learned some hard lessons during the launch of her book. She wished for a “marketing do-over” just after hers was released – after she learned some of these stumbling blocks. She has gathered some of the industries’ marketing secrets just for you. Come learn from her mistakes and struggles, so you aren’t caught by surprise! Getting your message and book out there doesn’t have to be the most painful experience of the journey. You just need a friend in the business to let you in on the some of the details. Courtney is delighted to be that friend for you.During the workshop, you will hear marketing secrets that include:

  • Expectations – Those we put on ourselves and the publisher
  • Personal Connections – Importance of knowing your team
  • Giveaways – How to give away books in a way that sells books
  • Preparation – Getting ahead of the launch through preparing well
  • Know your lane – Identifying your very best material
  • Events – The ins and outs of book events in today’s online culture

Many of these aren’t discussed until after the pain is endured. Come get ahead of the game with Courtney – who doesn’t hold back the truth in hopes to save you time, energy and emotional distress. Launching your first book is a great thing!

Courtney DeFeo
Added Value: Giving Your Events More Than Just Enough

Level: Intermediate, Advanced

There are so many speakers in today’s Christian world. How’s a girl to compete? Amy Carroll wants to share the power of serving as you speak. From her own experiences and a treasure trove of other women in ministry, Amy will lead you to:

  • Dump the “Diva Speaker” stereotype by distinguishing yourself with service.
  • Implement practical steps to exceed expectations, increase attendance, and experience more of God’s Presence at your events.
  • Avoid the pain of an empty calendar by growing your ministry with return invitations
Amy Carroll
What Every Speaker Needs to Know

Level: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced

Whether you are a “veteran” speaker or just getting your speaking ministry started, we’ve all had moments that we’ve thought, “I sure wish I would have known that ahead of time!” In this practical and inspiring workshop, you’ll learn how to enhance the effectiveness of your speaking ministry by:

  • Understanding the felt needs of your audience.
  • Creating messages that initiate life change, influence people, and expand your ministry’s impact.
  • Identifying potential pitfalls in your speaking ministry and navigate around them successfully.
  • Communicating effectively with the planning committee or organizer.
  • Leaving a lasting impression that encourages people to recommend you to other events.
Cindy Bultema
To Tell or Not to Tell

Level: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced

*** Session will not be recorded.

How much do I tell? How honest should I be? How do I balance authenticity with the need for privacy and sensitivity to others involved in my story? Cindy will explore the questions and reveal the principles, practices and techniques to guide you in writing with transparency while honoring the others in your life.

Cindy Lambert
Building a Team of Volunteer Leaders You Can Trust and Count On

Level: Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced

The key to any good organization or ministry is leadership—the kind that inspires and equips volunteers and delights those you serve. As Director of the Online Bible Studies for Proverbs 31 Ministries, Melissa has grown the volunteer team from zero to now over 225. In this session Melissa will show you how to:

  • Build a ministry team that will exude quality, character, enthusiasm and integrity
  • Keep your team motivated
  • Resolve conflict within your team
  • Be clear about expectations
  • Train and develop your people
  • Get your team to take ownership in your ministry
Melissa Taylor
12:30 – 1:30 pm   Lunch  
2:00 – 3:00 pm W
Insider Secrets to Crafting a Winning Nonfiction Book Proposal

Level: Intermediate, Advanced

** Session will not be recorded.

Very few authors realize that a great proposal needs to appeal not only to an editor but to seven unique audiences (author, agent, editor, pub board, marketing, creative and sales). Discover the why and how of each element of a proposal so that yours can entice those seven audiences to grasp a contagious vision for a book, and win them over to become your partners in placing your book into the hands of readers.

Cindy Lambert
Build an Enduring Platform in 30 Minutes a Day

Level: Beginning, Intermediate

If you want to get past the slush pile of any publisher, the sure-fire way to do that is to have a platform that acquisition editors can’t ignore. Kathi will share her daily routine to not just creating, but growing a platform that is so winsome publishers will take a second look at your proposal. In this workshop, you will leave with a step-by-step daily plan to build your platform in three key areas:

  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Social Media

Learn how to create great content that your audience will love, as well at the strategy to sharing it well. In addition to this plan, you will learn the social media platforms that are best for you to shine in, and the ones that you can ignore, guilt-free. A great platform isn’t built by accident, and it’s not built overnight, but it is possible.

Kathi Lipp
Positioning Yourself as a Professional Speaker

Level: Beginning, Intermediate

Event leaders are looking for speakers who are confident, professional and well organized. Yes, you are called to speak! But there’s so much more to consider ⎯ before and after you step onto a platform and share your stories with an audience. Discover the secrets of becoming a professional speaker who is sought-after and receives repeat bookings. Are you trying to stay organized while working with multiple event leaders? Not sure how much you should charge for a keynote message or weekend retreat?  This workshop is for you! In this highly requested session you will learn:

  • Five ways to capture the attention of event leaders
  • Practical tips to keep you professionally organized
  • How to set and increase your speaking fees
  • Presenting and negotiating your fees with confidence
  • Key components of a speaking contract and why you need one
Leah DiPascal
The Power of a Story

Level: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced

Lysa TerKeurst
Author, Speaker, and President of Proverbs 31 Ministries

Event planners want speakers who create life-change and lasting impressions. Effective story telling is not only one of the oldest tools of communication, it is also one of the most powerful! In this practical and inspiring session you’ll learn:

  • How to use everyday illustrations to communicate life-changing truths
  • Incorporate the key components that every great story needs
  • Tell stories in a way that keeps your audience engaged
  • Weave your stories with Biblical truths that motivate listeners to take action in their lives
Lysa TerKeurst
When My Calling Says Wait

Level: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced

In the early 2000s, Wendy sensed God calling her to be a Bible teacher and active in women’s ministry. Not really understanding how to make that happen, she took a huge leap of faith and attended She Speaks. Within a few weeks of returning home Wendy put into place everything she had learned and was raising my hand saying “Pick me! Pick me! I am ready to be your speaker” but the phone did not ring.

Sometimes our calling says, “Wait.” In this session Wendy will teach the principles she learned as she waited for the phone to ring and the ministry opportunities to come.

You will encouraged to:

  • Focus on the Person of your faith rather than the object of your wait
  • Prepare for the future by participating in God’s work in the present
  • View God’s pauses as opportunities to know Him better and strengthen your faith
  • Trust the perfection of God’s timing
Wendy Pope
4 Steps to Founding a Non-Profit on Radical R.E.S.T

Level: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced

After traveling to the slum of Katwe, Uganda in January of 2014 for a blogger’s trip, Emily Wierenga was heartbroken over what she’d seen. In June of 2014, she founded The Lulu Tree (, a not-for-profit dedicated to preventing tomorrow’s orphans by equipping today’s mothers. Lulu is now registered in both Canada and the States, and is operated by over 40 volunteers from around the globe and two Ugandan staff. Emily never intended to found a non-profit, but felt God calling her, and so, obeyed. The entire ministry is founded on the principle of radical rest, inspired by the practices of George Mueller, Amy Carmichael and Dr. Helen Roseveare.

In this workshop, Emily will coach women in what it looks like to have a calling, how to follow God in obedience to that calling, and how to overcome the challenges and hurdles in third-world ministry. She will frame the workshop around the four principles of radical R.E.S.T.: Repentant Spirit, Eternal Perspective Surrendered Mind and Trusting Heart.

Emily Wierenga
3:30-5:30 pm    
Friday Track Meetings

Speakers:  All those registered for the Speaker Track will join Karen Ehman for a special message and time of connection.

Writers: All those registered for the Writer Track will join Glynnis Whitwer and Suzie Eller for a message on Developing Your Brand as a Writer.

You’ll also hear from special guest, Jill Savage with a message to put “First Things First.” When we have a dream we’re pursuing, it’s important to keep first things first. No matter if the words you provide are encouraging a friend, teaching a Bible study, sharing on a blog, or published in a book, they need to come out of your heart of ministry. In this session, Jill will share hard earned wisdom while providing inspiration and practical tools to help you keep first things first.

5:30 – 6:30 pm   Check in Rooms  
6:30 – 8:00 pm   Dinner  
8:15 – 9:45 pm   Main Session TBD



Session Key: W = Writing, S = Speaking, S/W = Speaking and Writing, L = Leadership

Time session Facilitator
8:30 – 9:30 am    Welcome, Worship, Morning Message  
 9:50 – 10:50 am W  
Writing Biblical Content to Engage Your Reader
Do you love reading Scripture and learning more about God? Do you long for His Word to leap off the pages of your Bible and come alive in a whole new way? Do you have a passion to write and teach others the lessons God is teaching you? 

If you dream about writing Biblical content, but wonder if the process is too difficult, join us for this insightful workshop and discover how exciting it can be. You will learn how to:

  • Create content that is Gospel-centered, not self-centered.
  • Develop a strategy for compiling accurate Biblical information
  • Ways to study and interpret Scripture
  • Discover a step-by-step writing process that will engage your readers

Whether you’re writing curriculum to be published, devotionals or online Bible studies for your blog or weekly assignments for Sunday School classes, this workshop is for you!

Leah DiPascal & Lindsey Smith
Your Very Best Idea Ever

Level: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced

It’s locked in you. God tucked something wonderfully unique into the sacred spaces of your heart. You know it. You feel it. You just haven’t figured out how to get to it. That message so inspiring people are still quoting one liners from it years after you stepped off the stage. That book so spot on it instantly unleashes the power of conversation and outsells every other thing you’ve ever written. The brilliantly simple concept so desperately needed the masses instantly sign up.

Many people have these incredible ideas. But only a few figure out a way to unlock them, unearth them, and bring them to fruition.

Today is your day to be one of the few. Just know that the keys to unlock your very best idea might surprise you, disappoint you and frustrate you. But if you’ll press through the process, your very best and most captivating idea is waiting to be discovered.

Lysa TerKeurst
13 Ways to Grow Your Speaking Ministry

Level: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced

Have a message you are supposed to share, but struggling to get the bookings you need? Here are the four areas we will be covering when it comes to getting not just more, but better speaking engagements:

  • Message –Find out the 3 principles to building a speech that will get you booked.
  • Marketing – Discover the 6 marketing items that our team has in place to make it easy for me to get booked.
  • Mission – Event planners want to book speakers who can carry a message and are seen as a knowledgeable authority. Learn how to be known as the go-to person on your topic.
  • Word of Mouth – word of mouth isn’t just by chance. Find out the 5 things we do to create great word of mouth about my speaking ministry.
Kathi Lipp
Mind Mapping Your Messages

Level: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced

Get control of your notes for ultimate confidence and ease of delivery. Your message is important and you are passionate to share it with an audience; yet the number one human fear is public speaking! Being prepared dramatically reduces those nerves. One of the most important steps of prep is organizing your speaking notes. Can you imagine having one colorful page rather than shuffling through a notebook or notecards?

Streamline your presentation cues so that you can speak with ease. Mapping your notes taps both sides of the brain leading to better recall, focus, and smooth delivery. Realize the meaning of ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and make your message, and your personality, come alive during your talk!


  • Confident presentations
  • Organize information quickly
  • Speaking notes that will keep you focused and on time
  • Engage your audience with more eye contact, less reading
  • Creativity increases because your notes tap your whole brain
Kim Cordes
How to Create Graphics When You're Not A Graphic Designer

Level: Beginner, Intermediate

We have all drooled over those beautiful ministry-focused graphics floating across Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram for too long! It is time to learn how to create your own, unique and beautiful images to help share God’s message with the world.

I know, you’re thinking … “But I’m not a graphic designer!” Good. This session is just for you! In this session, Nicki will teach you:

  • How pleasing-to-the-eye graphics have the ability to rapidly grow your platform
  • Tips and tricks about PicMonkey and other apps for your smart phones
  • 4 basic graphic design elements
  • Important copyright information to protect you and your ministry
Nicki Koziarz
Developing a Streamlined Social Media Strategy

Level: Beginning, Intermediate

This breakout session is for authors, speakers and leaders who want to develop a social media strategy that will utilize content they already have and maximize the efforts they are already making. In this session Suzie and Kim will show you how to: 

  • Identify which social media platforms to focus on first in order to reach your target audience fast
  • Develop content that connects and is easily shareable 
  • Create a social media schedule and content queue that you or your social media coordinator can pull from and build on 
  • Use the power of social media to build community with women who may never step into a church, attend an event or read a book, but also those who do


Suzie Eller & Kim Stewart
11:10 – 12:10 pm W
Blogging with Purpose
Come learn the basic building blocks of a successful blog! Cindy will walk you through blogging do’s and don’ts, creating blogger buzz, writing compelling content, and increasing blog traffic. Discover how blogging can help expand your ministry, as well as learn the Top 10 blogging mistakes you don’t want to make!
Cindy Bultema
I Love to Tell the Story

Level: Beginning, Intermediate

It’s you versus the blank page…and that blinking cursor seems to be winning. Feel you have a book in you, but having trouble getting started? In this workshop, you’ll learn practical ideas and tips for moving from concept to creation. Along with the basics of book construction, we’ll discuss the why behind what we do and help one another avoid the trap that befalls many Christian books.

Shelby Zacharias
Unforgettable: Making Your Messages Memorable

Level: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced

Today’s culture offers numerous opportunities to hear and see spoken messages. No longer is it just 52 times a year that we observe a message via a sermon in our local church. There are conferences, retreats, webcasts, YouTube video messages and more. What sets a message apart, making it stand out from all the rest rather than just blend into a sea of average? This practical talk will enable you to:

  • Discover the key components that make a message memorable
  • Strategically weave just the right amount of creative elements into your message
  • Draw your audience in by allowing them to not just hear, but rather experience your talk
  • Provide practical and valuable take-away for your audience that will keep your message alive long after you’ve stepped off the platform
Karen Ehman
From the Podium to the Nightstand: Turning Your Talk into a Book

Level: Intermediate, Advanced

You’ve written and presented a message that is in keeping with your passion as a speaker. As you’ve garnered positive feedback and witnessed real life change as a result of your spoken words, you’ve wondered if perhaps this message would be suitable for turning into a book. Now what? Sandra VanderZicht will show you step-by-step how to decide if your message could migrate successfully from the podium to the nightstand. In this practical workshop you will discover:

  • How to evaluate your message to determine if it might be a good fit for a book
  • What information will be needed in order for you to craft a solid book proposal from your message’s content
  • The three key components that make a book proposal get noticed
  • What publishers are looking for when they consider your idea, platform and writing style
  • What resources are out there that will assist you in this endeavor

There will also be time for Q & A

Sandra Vander Zicht
Keeping It Together When Your World Is Falling Apart

Level: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced

Being in ministry doesn’t insulate you from the hard stuff of life. At some point this broken world will invade your well-constructed life. Jill Savage understands this. In the past five years she has dealt with her son’s mental illness, her husband’s infidelity and her own cancer journey. Yet even in the midst of those difficult issues, she stayed steady in ministry. In this workshop Jill will help you:

  • Stay steady when you’re tempted to run away from it all.
  • Move your eyes from the mountains to the Mountain Mover.
  • Minister to others in the middle of your mess.
  • Know when to change your pace and give yourself grace
  • Replace “being perfect” with “being perfected” as God does His best work through the cracks in your life.
Jill Savage 
Chasing Your Dream While Chasing the Kids Too

Level: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced

Is it possible to chase a dream while you’re chasing the kids, too? If you’ve ever wondered how to grow a platform while growing a family, this workshop is for you. Join Alicia, mom of five and member of the Proverbs 31 Writing Team, for an honest discussion about the unique challenges of juggling ministry and motherhood. Whether your life is filled with toddlers or teens, carpools or coloring books, this workshop will help you:

  • Define your dreams
  • Maximize your time
  • Set realistic expectations for ministry
  • Ditch the “mom guilt”
  • Discover inspiration in the daily grind
  • And learn how to impact God’s kingdom without neglecting your family 
Alicia Bruxvoort
12:15 – 1:15 pm    Lunch  
1:15 – 2-:15 pm W  
7 Essentials to Writing Inspirational Memoir

Level: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced

Award-winning journalist, artist and speaker Emily T. Wierenga is the author of six books including the memoir, Atlas Girl: Finding Home in the Last Place I Thought to Look. In September of 2015, Wierenga released the sequel to Atlas Girl titled Making It Home: Finding My Way to Peace, Identity and Purpose. In this workshop Emily will teach “7 Essentials to Writing Inspirational Memoir, based off an e-book she wrote with editor Mick Silva called A House that God Built: 7 Essentials to Writing Inspirational Memoir.” These essentials include the art of crafting a gripping story, how to honor your past and your Maker, the key to knowing whether you should publish or wait, and the secret to finding your identity beyond the walls of your narrative.

Emily Wierenga
How to Write a Chapter

Level: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced

You want to write a book; books are made up of chapters. So, first you must write a chapter, right? But where do you begin? Stop staring at the blank screen and discover a simple strategy for crafting a strong and effective chapter, one step at a time. In this workshop, Karen will teach you:

  • The five key components of a strong chapter
  • How to hook your reader right off the bat
  • Ways to creatively weave in teaching, including biblical content
  • A strategy for compiling and organizing content so you are ready to write
  • A self-editing method that builds your confidence and strengthens your writing
Karen Ehman
Delivery that Delivers

Level: Beginning, Intermediate

Pursuing excellence as a speaker requires time and attention in a multitude of areas. Appropriately, most speakers give great attention to the quality and veracity of their messages. However, the delivery of those messages can often affect their impact and longevity. How do we use our natural style and giftedness in conjunction with tactical elements of good public speaking to allow God to use us most effectively? In this session Whitney will:

  • Equip speakers to leverage their natural style to its full potential
  • Identify and explain practical skills of effective public speaking to enhance delivery
Whitney Capps
I Wonder What They Think? Free Ways to Peek Inside The Brains and Hearts of Your Audience

Level: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced

What we “think” our audience needs to hear and what they truly “think” can often be two different things. A writer or speaker who knows her audience well will bring them back again and again. During this workshop, Courtney will unpack the importance of knowing your audience and provide new tools for gaining fresh insight. Our messages and writing can fall flat we can miss the mark. Research is time consuming, but often a money-saver and time-saver if done correctly. The most memorable communicators are often the best at knowing their audience. They are able to speak to their needs and hearts directly – which is far more helpful than an expert that preaches. Let’s get better at listening than speaking.

Learn …

  • HOW TO ASK. In a way that gets a response.
  • WAYS TO ASK. Free ways from surveys to social media to google analytics.
  • HOW TO USE YOUR DATA. Ways to use your new insight for growth.

As you leave this workshop, you’ll have the courage to find out what your readers or attendees are hearing and seeing. It might be different than what you had hoped. Some of the insights gained through research, could help you change or tweak your blogs, websites, speeches or books in a way that resonates with the audience you love.

Courtney DeFeo
Finding Confidence that Sticks

Level: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced

What does it look like to be a woman changing her world in this century? With all of the mixed signals our culture sends to us, we are living in a very confusing time as girls and women.  Let’s open God’s word to see how God puts a high value on women, has always been calling women to impact the world and calls to us now to step up and make a difference right here, right now – with confidence.

Lynn reveals the secret behind finding a confidence that sticks. She’ll share how to:

  • Increase your confidence, empowering you to fulfill your dreams and purpose.
  • Position yourself to not lose your confidence – even in the worst circumstances.
  • Build your confidence on the one thing that cannot be taken from you.
  • Recover from confidence defeating decisions to move forward toward spiritual maturity.
  • Stop the agonizing mental chatter and replace it with security-building truth.
Lynn Cowell
Prayer Mapping: Your Portable War Room

Level: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced

Relying on the Word of God and the Holy Spirit as our guide, Prayer Mapping is the tool to focus distracted prayer warriors. Learn from the creator of Prayer Mapping how her first map in 2001 dramatically improved her marriage. Using key words, color and pictures, this tool excites our prayer life while tapping into key brain principles to make the most of prayer time. Create a Master Map for when time is short and comprehensive individual maps for Ministries, family, friends, and foes.

Prayer Maps provide a beautiful visual history of prayers and praises over the course of time. Throughout the Prayer Mapping process you will be encouraged by the way God prompts you to add Scriptures and provides creative ways to pray for your ministry and those you love and serve. The maps are designed with flexibility to continue adding new requests over time. Use your maps to both: do your spiritual battling and to be encouraged by God’s faithfulness to guide and answer prayer.


  • Focused Prayer
  • Learning to listen before you ASK
  • Visual record of answered prayers
  • Scriptural, Spirit driven prayer life
  • Flexible timing, use the same map whether you have 5 or 55+ minutes
  • Create a Portable War Room
Kim Cordes
 2:15 – 2:45 pm   Free Time  
 2:45 – 5:45 pm    
Bonus Sessions
Small Group Speaker Coaching – Limited to those who sign up at registration

Specialized Speaker Training

This bonus session will offer a line up of presenters who will provide specialized messages crafted to help you put your best foot forward as a speaker both online and in person. The group size will be limited and will allow for lots of interaction and Q and A time. This optional session is for advanced speakers or for beginning and intermediate speakers who are not part of a speaker coaching group.

The Power of the Hook – Suzie Eller

You have only seconds to hook your reader, whether that is an editor making a decision to champion your proposal or the person who stumbled on to your blog or article. In this interactive workshop, Suzie shares five ways to hook your reader and keep them reading. Participants will brainstorm, write, and share their hooks in a small group setting. (Workshop is limited to first 50 participants.)

Discovering God’s Power for Your Life and Ministry

Putting on the ARMOR of God Wendy Blight

In an increasingly complex and turbulent world, we don’t know what the future holds. Fear and anxiety overwhelm us … sometimes even imprison and paralyze us. But what if you had the confidence to face anything? What if you believed God was bigger than it all? As the victim of a terrible crime, Wendy is no stranger to fear and anxiety. She speaks to this battle and equips you to fight back victoriously. Using the acronym A.R.M.O.R., Wendy walks you through five steps to victory.

  1. Align your heart with truth
  2. Recognize the enemy
  3. Model Jesus’ example
  4. Order your thoughts
  5. Rejoice and walk victoriously

The Empowered Servant  Micca Campbell

What separates a great servant of God from a good one? What makes their words so powerful and their messages so life changing? The Holy Spirit is the difference maker. Before anyone can hope to have success in her ministry, she must learn to give the Holy Spirit His rightful place in teaching the Word. It’s one thing to have the Holy Spirit. It’s another to be empowered by the Spirit for ministry. It’s key. This is pointed out in Scripture when Jesus told his disciples to wait on the Spirit until they began ministering. That’s because the Holy Spirit can do what we cannot—change lives. This session…

Equips you to minister in power
Helps you apply “divine equipment” to your ministry
Teaches how to make the Spirit your motive and energy for you lifework, maximizing your effectiveness.

Logos Bible Study Training

If you are interested in unpacking Scriptures in a deeper and detailed fashion, join Joel from Logos as he shares how their organization has equipped thousands of speakers, writers, pastors and leaders with tools in their toolbox to accurately handle the word of God.

6:00 – 7:00 pm   Dinner  
 7:00 – 8:00 pm   Main Session  
 8:30 – 9:30 pm   Dessert Mix and Mingle  
Lisa Allen

Lisa Allen has a passion for and connection to women and uses this passion as Executive Director of Ministry Training at Proverbs 31 Ministries where her leadership portfolio includes oversight of the She Speaks Conference, Speaker Team, Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies, Ministry Training and Co-Director of COMPEL Membership Site for Writers.  Lisa’s experience as a Board Certified Life Coach, Ministry Consultant and Certified Speaker has uniquely prepared her to facilitate training and workshops for church staffs and leadership teams.  She also has extensive team coaching experience with organizations locally and internationally facilitating DISC and Gallup Strengthsfinders.  She lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband and has two college-age children.