Ready to go deeper?

Our Pre-Conference Seminar provides more information on three relevant topics:

Writing – Speaking – Leadership

This special offering is a half-day of training on Thursday afternoon before our main conference begins Friday morning. Pick and choose workshops, and tailor them to your passion and experience.

The Pre-Conference fee is $175 which covers all materials but does not cover meals. It is not available for purchase alone and is only available as an addition to our main conference attendees.

For those attending the Pre-Conference, the hotel will offer a buffet lunch. This is an extra charge and will be paid directly to the hotel.



Session Key: W = Writing, S = Speaking, S/W = Speaking and Writing, L = Leadership

Time session Facilitator
10:00 am-12:30 pm Pre-Conference Seminar / Registration
1:00 – 2:00 pm Welcome, Worship and Devotion
2:15 – 3:15 pm W
How to Launch a Freelance Writing Career

Level: Beginning and Intermediate

So, you want to write full time? In this workshop, Suzie shares how to launch your full-time writing career, and establish yourself as a Christian writer by understanding the market, the query and submission process, how to meet an editor’s needs (and become a regular contributor), and how to turn beginning rejection into ongoing publication.

Suzie Eller
Be You: Understanding & Maximizing Your Communication Style

Level: Beginning and Intermediate

As a communicator, the struggle is to “find your voice.” If you’ve been a speaker for any length of time, you’ve likely heard that piece of advice. And if you’ve been a speaker for any length of time you likely know how difficult task that is.  Many communicators will try one of two methodologies: “trial and error” or “cut and paste.” We may try over and over to distinguish our unique voice from the crowd, or we may try to take bits and pieces from our favorite communicators and patchwork a style that we hope feels “right.” This workshop is designed to help you avoid the pitfalls and pangs of both methods. Instead you will:

  • Identify the different communication styles
  • Outline the benefits and best uses of each
  • Short-circuit the cycle of trial and error
  • Overcome the cancer of comparison
  • Understand how to discern your style mix
Whitney Capps
Why You Need to Podcast

Level: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced

Do you desire to increase your effectiveness as a speaker or a writer? Are you interested in growing your audience? Then you should podcast! Podcasting is an effective way to increase your reach, sharpen your speaking skills, and enhance your writing capacity. And the best part? Everybody is not doing it! It’s still a relatively new frontier with low barriers to entry and excellent opportunities for you to hone your craft and reach others who can benefit from the message that God has given you to share. In this practical and eye-opening session you will learn how to:

  • Create your own podcast
  • Include your podcast in your speaking and/or writing workflow.
  • Increase connection and valuable feedback from your audience.
Chrystal Evans Hurst
How to Start and Lead a Bible Study

Level: Beginning, Intermediate

Feeling called to start and lead a Bible study? This session is for you! Join Wendy Blight as she shares spiritual wisdom and practical tips on how to start, lead and sustain a healthy, Word-centered Bible study community.In this session, Wendy will help you prepare your heart and mind to lead women deeper into God’s Word identify a team and establish building blocks to create a healthy biblical community create practical tools to ensure both leaders and members succeed determine how to choose and incorporate curriculum shepherd and support your leaders incorporate prayer every step of the way

Wendy Blight
3:35 – 4:35 pm W
Overcoming Procrastination in Writing

Level: Beginning, Intermediate

We know we are called to write. We love to write. And yet sitting down to actually write is hard. In fact, many writers will find any excuse not to write. In this session, Glynnis will share why so many writers procrastinate, how to uncover the reasons for our delay and overcome the obstacles to become more productive writers. After this workshop you’ll:

  • Replace myths we all believe with truth
  • Identify the resistance that holds you back from achieving your dreams
  • Remodel habits to make writing easier
  • Learn why you don’t work better under pressure
Glynnis Whitwer
God Called Me to Speak – Now What?

Level: Beginning, Intermediate

Feeling God’s call to be a speaker is exciting, but the reality of making it happen can seem overwhelming and seemingly impossible. If you’ve been struggling with how to get started and desire to open doors to share the messages God has laid on your heart, then this workshop is for you. You’ll learn why we are called to take a leap of faith in marketing our ministries and leave inspired to begin investing your talents. This session will help you:

  • Replace fears of being self-promoting with increased self-confidence by understanding how God calls us to faithfully invest in ourselves
  • Uncover the basics of laying the foundation for a strong speaking ministry
  • Glean advice for building an online professional image that will motivate event planners to contact you
  • Walk away with a list of marketing ideas for how to begin building or growing your platform and speaking opportunities
Tracie Miles
Harnessing and Directing Your Strengths as a Communicator

Level: Beginning, Intermediate

Do you know that you’ve been wired for success based on our strengths? What if you could learn how to leverage your strengths to get the most out of your marketing, preparation and presentation as a communicator?In this workshop, you will:

  • Discover the four main areas all of our strengths fall within.
  • Uncover your areas of greatest potential and how they can be used in preparing your messages, marketing your ministry and maximizing your authentic presentation style.
  • Gain confidence to embrace the strengths that lie within you and let go of shortcomings that have been holding you back.
  • ***Taking the Strengths finders assessment is not required for this workshop. The book will be available, however, at the conference
Lisa Allen
Staying True to Your High Calling

Level: Beginning, Intermediate

You’re booked to speak at a weekend retreat. You’ve worked 80 hours on your messages, your family is at home sick, your flight cancelled, the airport shut down, and you’re midway into your trip! There are NO flights out for the rest of the night. You call the church to see if they would be willing to pay for a hotel for you, but there’s no budget for a hotel room, ticket on a different airline, or cab fare, it’s all on you. You finally arrive at the retreat center with no sleep, no dinner, and you find that you’re sleeping in a bunk house with 100 women—who are all elated to see you! Whether it’s speaking, writing or leading, these types of things will happen.These are the MINOR costs of the high calling! Jesus had nowhere to lay His head, John the Baptist had his head chopped off, and Jesus’ closest disciples died martyrs. Are we willing to pay the cost of the high calling? In this workshop you’ll get to weigh the cost and see if you’re up to the challenge!~ Do we possess an unquenchable, burning desire to do ALL of His will?~ What do we do when “the call” requires us to wait?~ What does Jesus’ command to “Deny yourself, pick up your cross, and follow Me” look like?~ Take the faint hearted/courageous test – Am I radically obedient?

Sharon Glasgow
5:15-6:15 pm W
Writing Life-Changing Devotions

Level: Beginning, Intermediate

How can we use God’s Word and our experiences to help women begin their day in Truth? This question led us to start Encouragement for Today devotions over 10 years ago. What started as a ministry to few hundred each week is now reaching over 750,000 subscribers daily. In this session, Glynnis will share important elements of a life-changing devotion, and how to:

  • Write with Scripture as your foundation, not as decoration
  • Bring focus to your writing by narrowing your topic
  • Share timeless truths in a fresh way
  • Hook and hold your readers’ attention from start to finish
  • Connect with readers through the power of transparency
Glynnis Whitwer
Brass Tacks: Message Development Essentials

Level: Beginning, Intermediate

Developing a strong message is the beginning of building a growing speaking ministry.  Amy shares the essential basics of a strong message along with tips she’s learned along the way from other speakers with decades of experience.  She’ll guide you to write like a speaking pro as she leads you to:

  • Embrace scripture as the springboard for a fresh, personal message.
  • Identify the core idea in your message to give it laser-like focus.
  • Compel your audience to passionate response to the truths you’re sharing.
  • Create the opportunity for life-transformation in your audience.
Amy Carroll
Balancing Ministry and Family

Level: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced

Women in ministry often feel pulled in two directions. Their ministry is their calling; however, their family would also like to know they are a priority. How can someone who desires to serve God balance both family and ministry without falling off of the high-wire of life? This message and panel discussion with Q and A time will equip you to:

  • Evaluate and compare your verbalized priorities and actual time choices to see if they match
  • Discover time-management tools that will enable you to generate white space in your alendar
  • Determine when (and when not) to multi-task and how to practice smart sequencing
  • Harmoniously and seamlessly connect public ministry with personal life
  • Discern future direction as you cultivate an intimate, daily relationship with God
Karen Ehman
Social Media: How to be RELEVANT When You Feel so Irrelevant

Level: Beginning, Intermediate

Trying to look good on social media can be a full-time job. So instead of spending your time trying to look impressive, you can create authentic social media accounts that will keep your audience intrigued and informed.This workshop will help you…

  • Identify the social media platform that most fits you.
  • Learn practical tips for how to keep social media real, relevant and relatable.
  • Bring authenticity to your posts while still bringing your best.
  • Communicate the stories you are already living in your life today.
  • Understand how to use social media as a powerful marketing tool.
Paige Klein
Lisa Allen

Lisa Allen has a passion for and connection to women and uses this passion as Executive Director of Ministry Training at Proverbs 31 Ministries where her leadership portfolio includes oversight of the She Speaks Conference, Speaker Team, Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies, Ministry Training and Co-Director of COMPEL Membership Site for Writers.  Lisa’s experience as a Board Certified Life Coach, Ministry Consultant and Certified Speaker has uniquely prepared her to facilitate training and workshops for church staffs and leadership teams.  She also has extensive team coaching experience with organizations locally and internationally facilitating DISC and Gallup Strengthsfinders.  She lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband and has two college-age children.